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  • Storytelling Resources: Worldwide Stories - links to stories, maintained by Sherry Johnson
  • Mything Links - Kathleen Jenks' collection of worldwide links to mythologies, fairy tales, and folklore, sacred arts, and traditions for the students of Pacifica Graduate Institute (home of Joseph Campbell's papers and library)
  • Bulfinch's Mythology - illustrated on-line edition of all three volumes, published by Bob Fisher
  • Greek Mythology Link - Carlos Parada's on-line encyclopedic reference of the gods and goddesses, people, and places, as found in the original mythological sources. Includes a search engine, index, and nice images. Hosted at Brown University.
  • Aesop's Fables - John R. Long's carefully crafted online collection of over 600 fables by Aesop, as well as fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen. Some lesson plans for teachers.

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