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What myth could you retell that would help you understand the conflicts in your life? Try illustrating what you've written to learn more about the events, feelings, and meaning of your story.
     Look at myths from many countries and times. This will help you gain a valuable perspective
on the human story and on your own.
     You have your own unique story to live, and yet the experiences shared by others in stories, songs, and paintings may also help guide you in your journey!

Explore on the Web

Christopher B. Siren's annotated Myths and Legends Web Index

Multicultural Cosmology Educational Resource Center, Pomona College

(don't miss their article/map  of Japan)

Read more about
the great human story

Japanese Mythology by Judith Piggott
(Library of the World's Myths and Legends. New York: Peter Bedrick Books, 1982)

Mythology: Tales of Ancient Civilizations by Timothy R. Roberts, Morgan J. Roberts, and Brian P. Katz
(New York: MetroBooks, 1997)

New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology translated by Richard Aldington and Delano Ames. Original edition edited by Felix Guirand.
(Twickenham: Hamlyn Publishing, New ed. 1968)

Myths to Live By by Joseph Campbell
(New York: Penguin Arkana, 1993 reprint edition)

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