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The Creative Process

radio.gif (360 bytes) Invoking the Muse
a blessing poem

Mountain Climbing

no summit is in view

Garden of the Dead
ravenous poets attacked these flowers

Workshopped to Death
syntax perforated by firing squads of constructive criticism

The Writing Life
I don't want to write, I don't. I won't. You can't make me.



radio.gif (360 bytes)  If You and I Were Friends

the world would seem quite young again

On Kosovo, and a thousand other places
tell me not to look away, I will not avert my eyes.

Hutu Tutsi Rwanda Burundi
in the land of our ancestors where Lucy roamed

Being Human

The Devil Has His Uses
to the dark side of the moon I send my shadow..

Wide Awake
to be alive is to feel the joy and know the pain...fully

the residue of memory, the amnesia of wars

the mystery of the Mother beckons...

The Mind
it will chatter, confuse, and confound

Neti neti neti
the yogis say, neti neti neti,
I am not this, not that,
and not the other

Mother Nature

Go to Sleep, Now
I look for you outside every day and find you, instead, in the fabric of my being

Love, Passion, and Devotion

I've got the lonely heart separation blues
I've been standing on this scorched earth too long

Love is blind
how quickly my love turns elsewhere

Selected Classics

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About the Poems

On Kosovo: About the Poem and the Photo







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