Invoking the Muse

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When you want to create

With the humble attitude of one who is seeking a divine gift, you can experience creative inspiration. It is partly a matter of quietness, focus, and intention, and it can be very much like prayer or meditation. You may want to give this experience a special name all your own. I like to think of this process as "Invoking the Muse" and I find these times to be pure joy.


Perhaps you are saying right now, I appreciate the arts just as much as the next person, but how do I find that Source of inspiration for myself? I want to be a player not just a spectator!
     The creative process is a little like riding a gets easier with practice. It's a matter of getting into the flow, the rhythm of the experience.
     Learn to believe. In yourself, of course. If you are not ready to do that, just believe in the process itself. It has served many people very well over the millennia. Don't worry if you fall down and skin your knees a few times. All sorts of wobbling are allowed! Become a small child again and let the process take you where you need to go. And be willing to explore unfamiliar territory.

Getting out of our own way
     In any creative endeavor, we must learn how to get out of our own way. How do we put our usual, rational, egoistic ways of thinking aside long enough to go into the quiet center of our hearts?
     To prepare, we must st
op thinking about what we're going to get out of the creative activity. No more thinking about how the rent will be paid. No more thinking about whether anyone will like what we produce. No more thinking about how this piece could just solve your latest problem or bring the clamoring millions to your feet. No more inner complaining about how talented other people are. Certainly, no thinking about grades, awards, or job security. That's all death to the creative process.
     Your ego is there to help you survive. It may even help you build on what you create. Thank it, but ask it to step aside for a few hours. That's all. Just a few hours. And allow yourself to have a joyful, no-strings-attached experience of the creative power flowing through you.
     When you begin, expect nothing. Put your whole focus on the activity itself. Have fun. Experiment. Be amazed.
     Do it again.

Allowing inspiration to strike

Seeking beauty's place
in our time

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