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In a world where rageful and self-centered feelings are exploding around us everyday in random acts of violence, emotional abuse, hate crimes, and now something called "ethnic cleansing," thoughtful and caring people must find time to ask why... and to seek solutions. In many ways, this seeking is a special task for teens and young people.

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Know thyself
     You are entering the world with the fresh viewpoint of your generation, with something unique and positive to contribute to our evolving culture. In order to make the truest contribution possible, you must also learn as much as you can about your identity, desires, and values. It can be very difficult to hold on to your own viewpoint amidst the well-meaning, but intrusive advice of your peers and your elders, not to mention the chaos and confusion of our planet!
     If you can lay a foundation of detached and clear seeing, an understanding of your thought processes, and an ability to tap into your intuitive knowing, you will bend but not break in the storms of life. So often, it is our emotions and our lack of self-knowledge that trip us up.

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Developing empathy
     In some ways, our educational system is failing us by failing to acknowledge our emotions, soul experiences, and spirituality. How else are we going to develop empathy for others or a sense of the common threads within our differences?
     A deep understanding of your own psychological processes and spiritual nature is essential for the foundation you are laying, no matter what your age. I know of no better way to explore this part of yourself than in studying the arts.
     By participating in the creative process, you will learn many things about yourself and your world. Patience, discipline, imagination, the overcoming of obstacles, learning through experimentation and by making mistakes. All these are the special province of the creative in all fields of endeavor. Asking the questions even if we have no answers is valuable. Most of all, we need to learn what inspiration is, how to open to it, and how to maintain a connection to its Source throughout our lifetime.

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The great adventure
     This is a time you can embark on the great adventure of knowing yourself. If you choose not to take on the quest now, there will be other opportunities in your life to do so. However, there will also be more distractions, more pressures, more people, and more responsibilities to take you away from the journey.
     I would like to offer you encouragement and inspiration as one who has encountered many storms, crises, and difficulties. When you work through these things in your art, it can be shocking to encounter your own pain and suffering. It can also be a most beautiful experience to discover again the basic goodness of life.
     Faith, hope, and love are the great pillars of this process and are the currency of this site. With these, you, too, can flourish.


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