Image and Photo Credits


For information on purchasing an image or reprint rights, send e-mail to Lyrica or the artist listed.

Amaterasu Emerges from the Light. Artist: Utagawa Kunisada (colored woodcut).   Courtesy of the Trustees of the Victoria & Albert Museum. V&A Picture Library. London.

B&W illustrations in story "Out of the Cave and into the Light" were created by Kari Lehr. ŠImage Club.

Nautilus X-Ray Image. Photographer: Jim Wehtje. ŠPhotoDisc.

Primal. ŠPhotographer: John Doyle.

The Need to Be Unhinged.
Ring of Fire.

ŠArtist: Barbara Ann Stanley. Oil Pastel.

Cacholot. ŠArtist: Don Barnett. Digital painting and signed lithograph.

Background tiles used on the site, courtesy of artist Don Barnett.


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