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Artistic expression does not equate to the professionalism or commercial quality of your work. It has more to do with the honest expression of your life experiences within a context of truth and meaning. It usually reflects your relationship to your culture or your time in history. Most of all, it is an experience of something bigger than you moving through you and seeking expression and illumination.
     Art frequently wrestles with the spiritual in the broadest sense of that word, but is not limited to any particular religion. It is often full of questions or is stimulated by the asking of questions. It may or may not lead to specific answers, but the process itself is inherently healing and enriching.
     And if we are very fortunate when we create artistically, we express something that transcends our own experience and speaks also to others, perhaps even to people in a very different time and place.
     Most importantly, creating works of art is a natural expression of being human. You might even consider it a muscle that needs exercising once in a while.

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Perhaps as you read this, you are thinking you have no creative ability. The purpose of this web site is to remind you of the power of the Creative Imagination... it lives in you no matter what age you are. No matter who you are.
    When we understand and use the tools of our imaginations—dream, myth, symbol, story—we have an experience of the Divine and, in doing that, we also come to terms with what makes us human. This is an important part of our life journey.

     The cycles of our lives and the patterns in our dreams, in nature, and in our daily experiences are the rich soil for our art-making. Lay your foundation well and you will succeed not only in art-making, but also in building the life that you want.

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Who is our audience? I hope that many of the stories, poems, and images presented here will speak to teenagers and young adults. Later, we'll add an area for younger children. And, of course, older adults are, and will always be, welcome. Don't run away!

Why is the site called Lyricalworks? Lyric works of art express spontaneous, direct thoughts and feelings.  A lyric poem is rhythmic and songlike, an  outpouring of the poet's own thoughts and feelings. Lyricism is a good place to start if you want to encounter the Muse. She is shy and easily startled by the analytical mind!

What about technology? Right now,  the Web is a challenging place to bring the fruits of the imagination. It tends to be a place where we overexercise our left brains or passively take in the information that is on offer. It's also a place where new technology is so exciting or complex that it takes center stage.
     Interactive lessons and online communities have great value, but consider this site, for now, to be a place for reflection. Be fully engaged in that activity! Here, there are no flashing mazes of ads to navigate through, nor any games. Just a place to enter the Realm of feelings and ideas. These works are offered as examples, as food for thought, and as inspiration for further reflection and action on your part.

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Like many others, I believe we must retain a sense of what makes us human as we rush into our technology-driven futures. I am looking forward to a global community in which we have the opportunity to grow through our connection with each other. May technology become a wonderful tool for that purpose.


So into the lion's den I go,
to reach you wherever you are!

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About the publisher
Lyricalworks is published by
Lyrica, a sole proprietorship
in Dallas, Texas.

Lyrica was founded in 1995
by writer/publisher
Melissa Osborne
to explore
the frontiers of
communication and

She brings to Lyricalworks
her love of music and the arts,
an M.A. in Literature,
a keen sense of history,
and an appreciation for
the possibilities of cyberspace.


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