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"The Need to Be Unhinged"
Oil pastel. Artist: Barbara Ann Stanley.

1999, Barbara Ann Stanley.


Nevertheless,  I stood my ground... or rather I sat. Right there, where the child had left me. I sat for what could have been a moment or a day. And as I sat, I began to see visions of what I had always  hoped might one day be.

Though cruel and rusty, the doors of an inner chamber began to utter creaks and groans. Slowly, the doors swung their yawning, dormant way wide open!

Tears were  flowing upward from my throat: a fountian of  losses,  griefs, and pains.

And then I could hear the echo of a steel trap poised to slam shut as it had so many times before. But this time, the gentle, loving light and the memory of a singing child  gave me courage to continue on my way. For a season...

A little unhinged,
I squared my shoulders 
and stood to face the new day.

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