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Mythology/The Hero's Journey
Pomegranate Art


Dualidad VI Poster

by Sergio Cruz
size 24 X 36"

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Angelis Occidentalis Poster

by Mark Wagner
size 24 X 36"

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Isis and Osiris Poster

by Susan Seddon Boulet
24 X 36"

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San Francisco-based photographer John Greenleigh traveled to small towns in Mexico to document The Days of the Dead festival. With text by cultural scholar Rosalind Rosoff Beimler, the pictures speak eloquently to a ritual that is at once mocking and respectful of death—and ultimately affirming of human life.

The Days of the Dead Book
112 pages, over 100 color photos. Bilingual: English and Spanish
Smythe-sewn paperbound book,
with flaps. $25.00


Amazon Books

A feast for the eyes, this wonderfully illustrated book gives an overview of the mythic stories and arts of Greece and Rome, of the Celts and Norse, and of India, Japan, and China

Mythology: Tales of Ancient Civilizations
by Timothy R. Roberts, Morgan J. Roberts, and Brian P. Katz.
Metro Books. 1998. Hardcover. 448 pages.
(a bargain at $29.98)

Two classics for students of mythology and of the human heart, by the great teacher Joseph Campbell.

Myths to Live By: How We Recreate Ancient Legends in Our Daily Lives to Release Human Potential
by Joseph Campbell.
Published by Arkana. 1993. Paperback. 276 pages. $11.96.

Did you see the 6-part PBS series? The ideas and images are here.

The Power of Myth (Illustrated Edition)
by Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers (contributor). Edited by Betty Sue Flowers. Reissue ed 1988. Doubleday. Paperback. 231 pages. $23.96

Take a journey with psychotherapist Stephen Larsen into the realm of dream, myth, and archetype. Includes creative exercises and ideas for maskmaking and symbolic play.

The Mythic Imagination : The Quest for Meaning Through Personal Mythology by Stephen Larsen.
Inner Traditions. March 1996. Paperback. 395 pages. $13.56

Depth without dryness. Rollo May discusses the vital importance of myth and looks at classic literature such as Dante's Inferno in terms of myth.

The Cry for Myth
by Rollo May

Bantam. 1992. Paperback. $11.16

Have you ever wondered about the connections between the gods and goddesses of mythology and the planets, asteroids, and signs of ancient astrology? Deepen your appreciation of the arts with a greater understanding of these archetypes.

Mythic Astrology : Archetypal Powers in the Horoscope
by Ariel Guttman, Kenneth Johnson
Llewellyn Publications. 1993. Paperback. 400 pages. $14.36

Meet the Goddess in Her many guises: Great Mother, Creator, Destroyer, Lover. A sumptuous survey, ranging from prehistory through modern depictions in art.

Goddesses in Art
by F. Lanier Graham
Artabras. 1997. Hardcover. 144 pages. $19.98.
168 full-color illustrations.

Recommended teaching

What does myth have to do with love relationships, reducing stress, balance, prosperity, or other modern problems? This workbook's stories and creative/transformational activities point the way.

Path of the Everyday Hero : Drawing on the Power of Myth to Meet Life's Most Important Challenges
by Lorna Catford, Michael Ray
J.P. Tarcher. 1991. Paperback. 242 pages. $11.96

George Lucas popularized the hero's journey in film. Now, screenwriter Christopher Vogler covers the nuts and bolts of mythic structure in storywriting for the rest of us. His publisher says you can catch Mr. Vogler in an upcoming BBC production on mythology.

The Writer's Journey : Mythic Structure for Writers
by Christopher Vogler
Michael Wiese Productions. 1998. 2nd ed. Paperback. 326 pages. $18.36

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